City Health 2018/19

Design and finishes Helping you meet the demands of the day. Range of styles. Styles are designed to be easy to wear, flattering to all shapes and sizes and available in a versatile colour palette complementing any team environment. Fabrics. The fabrics have been carefully researched and developed to ensure the styles are quick drying, require minimal ironing and are durable, cool and comfortable to wear. Wonder Button. ® Featured in selected styles, the innovative Wonder Button ® is the perfect solution to eliminate bust gaping. The Wonder Button ® provides that extra support and coverage to ensure you look professional and feel comfortable every day. Strong Identification Making it easier for clients to know who is providing care. Clear recognition of staff. Visiting hospitals and aged care facilities can be a stressful and unfamiliar experience. Uniforms play an important identification role for patients as to whom is providing their care. Practical function. Our styles are practically designed to reflect the different roles within your care function and to make your staff easily recognisable. Reduce confusion. Identification and recognition of staff and the area where they operate, can reduce confusion for patients which creates a more relaxing environment within your facility. 4 1 4 Why do health City Collection